Medical Repatriation


Medical repatriation is essentially linked to healthcare due to the costs associated with providing medical treatment to travelers in case of a medical emergency or to return the patient back to their native country for medical treatment after evacuation. In situations where an individual suffers from injuries or illness outside of his/her native country, they become entitled to medical repatriation.

The only difference between medical evacuation and repatriation is that while the former is carried out in cases of medical emergency when treatment is not readily available at the nearest facility, the later offers the patients similar medevac services alongside the freedom to get treated in their home country in a familiar environment. Medical evacuation and repatriation services involves the necessary medevac of the patient to a medical facility or their primary residence on a medically equipped flight.


Reliable Medical Repatriation Transfers 24/7/365

Medical repatriation can start anywhere from $25,000 and go up. In most cases, international health insurance providers will cover the related costs however, coverage usually varies greatly from one insurer to another. Where some will cover the transportation cost in emergency cases only, others might include treatment including accommodation cost and post evacuation cost. Best course of action for travelers and expatriates who want to deal sensibly with critical medical scenarios when away from their native country? Have a suitable health insurance plan or buy a membership plan from AirMed that will provide you all the coverage you require without any additional costs.

AirMed’s accredited medical repatriation services are all encompassing and cover a wide array of medical conditions from neonatal intensive care to obstetrics, pediatrics, acute to long term chronic illness, accidents and more. At AirMed, we are able to undertake medical evacuation and repatriation without compromising on the medical standards or safety of our patients. All our air ambulances are designed to undertake long distance transfers 24/7/365. Our medical repatriation jets are equipped with highly specialized equipment to provide multiple levels of medical care including:

  • Trained physicians, registered nurses and qualified flight crew
  • Custom stretcher, base and medical gas system
  • ECG monitor with multiple capabilities and hands free pacer/defibrillator
  • Transport ventilator, backup ventilator and infusion pumps
  • Specialized neonatal equipment and ICU units
  • Bedside-to-bedside patient transfers and medical escort services

Dedicated Air Ambulance Repatriation Services

With over 18,000 successful missions and 25 years of experience in providing medical transport services, AirMed has been successfully handling the most complex and critical cases, delivering the most cost effective solutions for patient care and safe medical transportation worldwide. We have been providing efficient medical care to patients abroad. Our medical transportation services are the top choice of U.S. Department of Defense and many world-renowned medical centers.

At AirMed, we specialize in national and international medical repatriation and medevac air transportation, medical transfers, medical escorts and bedside-to-bedside transfers. Our Medevac Case Managers specialize in coordinating all kinds of critical medical cases and will work diligently with you to ensure the safest medical repatriation and medevac to your native region. We understand the complexities and paperwork involved with medevac which is why we tailor our medical repatriation and evacuation services on case by case basis to meet the needs of the patients.