AirMed 360 Commercial Medical Escorts

Commercial Medical Escorts

AirMed provides world-class Critical Care services to help provide our customers the fastest way to recovery. We adhere to and exceed the standards of care set forth by national accreditation committees.


With travel, comes the chance of incident or injury and AirMed wants to be there to help. We want to be the best part to our customer’s worst day. To provide that service, AirMed is also proud to offer an alternative to our clients that may not have the need for an Air Ambulance. This line of business is referred to as a Commercial Medical Escort.

A Commercial Medical Escort is provided to clients who can walk with assistance or move from a wheelchair to a seat with assistance but may need health monitoring throughout their travel time. As well as have needs such as continuous oxygen administration, oral medications and possibly intravenous fluids or medications. Based on the needs of our clients, the medical escort may be any of the following providers: Physician, Nurse and/or Paramedic. All of which are trained in Aeromedical Medicine and Critical Care Transport. All escorts will be provided by a licensed medical professional.

  • We make all arrangements to assure the transport is as worry free to the client as possible.
  • Airline tickets are arranged for First Class or Business Class when available
  • Ground Transportation Provided at both Origination and Destination cities
  • Medical Oxygen may be provided if and when needed
  • Medical clearance obtained by AirMed through the airline medical desk
  • Fit-to-Fly status verified with AirMed’s Clinical Coordination department and Medical Director

If a Medical Escort is an option for your transport needs, please call our Customer Care Center or use our online Transport Request form.

AirMed looks forward to providing world-class care to those in need.