Emergency Air Medical Transport Services

Patient Care Delivery System


AirMed has been providing quality air medical transportation services since the past three decades to those who unexpectedly find themselves in life threatening situations. We provide air medical transportation including bedside-to-bedside service. Since AirMed’s inception, it has carried out thousands of emergency air transport operations across the globe, covering various terrains and weather. We are a fully licensed and accredited air medical transport company, doing our best to save lives and provide high quality air medical transport services.

The skilled and experienced teams of certified professionals at AirMed are dedicated to maintaining a continuity of excellence in emergency care till the patient is admitted to a life saving facility.

As the US population has become more mobile, the need for quality emergency air medical transport services has also increased. However, an unforeseeable event requiring emergency air medical transport could be costly if not planned. Financial protection against such unanticipated costs is a great way to start before you plan your next trip. You may find the cost of emergency air medical transport very high, yet very affordable with subscription based plans.

An asset to the community, we help save lives everyday:

AirMed provides safe and comfortable transport to patients regardless of their condition and the distance to be covered. We own a fleet of air medical transport aircrafts including fixed-wing air ambulances.These are all medically-configured and equipped like a hospital ICU. From domestic to international air medical transports, you can trust our experts to make and execute arrangements in a professional manner. We offer emergency medical transport, air ambulance services, commercial medical escorts, medevac, medical repatriation and organ procurement transportation. Furthermore, we also carryout neonatal air medical flights, utilizing our neonatal isolette incubator.

AirMed is a pioneer in the air medical transport industry, accredited by bodies such as CAMTS - it boasts a perfect safety record. The air medical crew at AirMed is highly trained and hold relevant certifications. Our critical care flight medics and flight nurses are continuously monitored, trained and evaluated. Our pilots have years of experience transporting patients safely and carefully. Each aircraft is piloted by highly experienced and two ATP-rated pilots.

Our 24/7 accessible support staff is helpful and experienced. They coordinate the entire air medical transport in a timely manner, whereby addressing key concerns promptly. They are the point of contact for any air medical transport needs and can proficiently resolve any emergency and stressful situation by arranging the details of air medical transport.


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Our medical teams also hold board certifications in CFRN (Certified Flight Registered Nurse) or CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse) We are proud to have this as one of AirMed’s standards to provide the highest clinical care.