Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services


Increased non-emergency medical transportation access to medical services results in significant time and cost saving. Because most of the time it is better to transport a patient to preventive care rather than to wait for a serious healthcare condition to arise. This way the patient gains the much more required access to healthcare which vastly enhances their individual health outcomes. 

AirMed’s air medical transport services are dedicated to providing patients the timely medical care they need. Our services extend beyond emergency medical care to non-emergency medical transportation services. We focus on promptly transporting patients to safe locations and medical facilities where they can receive expert medical care.


When would you need Non-Emergency Transportation?

Non-emergency medical transportation allows patients who are unable to travel long distances in a conventional way, due to their medical condition, to travel safely from one location or medical facility to another. Many times patients are stable but might require assistance due to mobility issues or oxygen requirement which makes the traditional way of travelling too stressful. In such cases non-emergency transportation services offer assured access to medical facilities and expert patient care.

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is known to remove transportation barriers by benefiting the elderly and individuals with disabilities or serious medical conditions by preventing them from missing out on required medical care while decreasing the impact of chronic disease.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services by AirMed 

Our non-emergency medical transportation services offer the perfect solution for individuals with mobility issues and patients who require constant medical assistance. By offering safe operations and efficient, high-quality patient care, AirMed has been successfully transporting patients around worldwide. As a trusted non-emergency medical transportation services provider we offer:

As an FAA-certified air carrier and CAMTS accredited non-emergency medical transportation services provider, we have been serving patients worldwide for the past 25 years. Our fleet consists of fixed wing jets that are fully equipped with mission essential equipment while our bedside to bedside services and commercial medical escorts have been ensuring that patients travel and reach their destinations safely. Our non-emergency medical transportation services are available 24/7/365 so you can get the best care you deserve.

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Our medical teams also hold board certifications in CFRN (Certified Flight Registered Nurse) or CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse) We are proud to have this as one of AirMed’s standards to provide the highest clinical care.