Long Distance Medical Escort and Its Benefits


Medical escort service is a non-emergency medical service provided by a self-employed freelancer, medical escort company or air ambulances. It is for patients who are being repatriated or need medical assistance while traveling. Depending on the length and the total distance of the journey, patients are accompanied by one or two trained and registered nurses and critical care paramedics.

For patients travelling by long distance air, there are medical stretchers available in the rear of the plane and the service uses chairs from first and business class.

Long distance ground could be an option for patients that require less than 24 hours of driving time or a trip 1500 miles or under; within a distance practical for air or rail travel for the patient.

The medical escort crew have the necessary equipment to provide medical treatment to a patient if there is a need. Services such as CPR equipment, basic medication and monitoring units are provided.

Medical escorts offer advice relating to medical transportation and medical related requirements - free of cost. They also provide guidance on the management and repatriation of someone who fell ill or got injured overseas.

Typically a medical escort has a vast network made up of different medical professionals including doctors from across the globe. They can make provisions for escorting doctors, nurses and paramedics. Arranging consultations, appointments, treatments and hospital administration are also services provided by medical escorts.

Other services provided by medical escort service companies range from moving vital equipment throughout the world to locating car breakdowns, garages and hotels for business clients.


Who Is This Service For?

Basically patients who are in need of life support, not including those who require a ventilator or have a tracheostomy. Patients with any of the following conditions are eligible for long distance escort services:

  • Stroke

  • Dementia

  • Chronic heart of lung conditions

  • Alzheimer's disease

  • Cancer

  • Mobility issues

  • Any other chronic illness

Why Choose AirMed?

AirMed offers affordable long distance medical escort services that includes patient transfers and air ambulance. AirMed offers customizable and unique options for long distance medical escort services across the nation. And its state of the art equipment and cost-effectiveness, makes it a preferred choice of travelers. Contact us for further queries.