Air Medical Flights for Trauma Patients



The first few minutes after a traumatic head injury are generally the most critical. In many cases, early medical intervention can enhance the patient’s survival rate as well as ensure possible rehabilitation. Today, brain injury is sadly the most leading causes of early death across the world. However, many causalities can be prevented if patients are timely moved to specialized facilities through air medical ambulances.

There have been hundreds of cases of accidents in remote locations where there is generally shortage of manpower and facilities. In U.S alone, every year traumatic brain injuries result in 30% of deaths and permanent disability cases according to a report published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In such situations, the survival of the patient largely depends on the urgent critical medical care received. This is one of the major reasons why emergency air medical transport has become a major part of the modern trauma care system.


Guidelines for Flying After Traumatic Brain Injury or Stroke

Trauma patients like those with brain injury or stroke require critical medical care. In order to ensure the mortality ratio of such patients it is imperative that emergency transport and medical services offered within the first few hour or so are impeccable. Traumatic brain injury is known to lead to a wide array of short and long-term issues which may permanently affect the patient’s cognitive and motor functions along with sensation and emotions. From babies to young adults and older citizens, no one is safe from abusive head trauma which can results from motor vehicle crashes, injuries from violence, falls and maltreatment of children.

Air medical transfers of patients with a stroke or brain injury specifically requires patience, as opposed to other medical cases which is why it is imperative to select an reliable air ambulance provider to ensure a safe transfer. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind for the air medical transfer of trauma patients:

  • Provide patient details: The air medical ambulance services you call will require pre-flight assessment data regarding the patient and his/her condition. From demographics, to disease classification, type of injury, mechanisms involved, medical history and severity of injury etc. It is imperative that maximum information is offered to the air medical ambulance services so they can provide relevant in-flight critical patient care.

  • Continued medical care: Often flying after a brain surgery and stroke requires excessive care which is why you should always opt for an air medical transport company that offers bedside to bedside services and medical escorts.

  • Cater to multiple medical issues: Stroke or brain injury patients can sometimes suffer from multiple medical issues due to complications which is why the patient should be transferred in a medically configured Learjet which can fly at higher altitudes with reduced turbulence while the in-flight staff should be well-trained to provide emergency treatment onboard to manage all kinds of issues.

Generally, in many cases reliable medical repatriation and medical evacuation services are required to transport the patient to a specialized medical facility. At AirMed International, we frequently transport trauma patients suffering from brain injury and even stroke to specialized medical facilities and rehabilitation centers after surgery.

  • Extensively trained expert medical crew consisting of critical care flight medics, nurses and doctors

  • Fixed-wing medevac aircrafts with long range capabilities and mission essential equipment including stretcher, oxygen, monitors, ventilators, neonatal equipment and required medications

  • Multiple levels of specialized medical care for short and long-distance transportation

  • Assistance with medical clearance, hospital admissions, ground transportation, commercial medical escorts and fly-to-fly status verification

  • 24/7 mission response center with access to medical specialists and consultation physicians

  • Comprehensive air ambulance services at the most competitive rates from Alabama, Ohio and Florida to 150+ countries

As an award winning air ambulance company, AirMed has over 25 years of experience in providing air medical transportation and critical in-flight care to our patients. We have successfully completed over 18,000 missions including a wide range of complex and critical cases, delivering the most effective air ambulance solutions to patients worldwide. We are proud to be the top choice of U.S Department of Defence and many world-renowned medical centers while proudly boasting our accreditation from CAMTS, EURAMI and certifications from FAA and NAACS.



Our medical teams also hold board certifications in CFRN (Certified Flight Registered Nurse) or CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse) We are proud to have this as one of AirMed’s standards to provide the highest clinical care.