Event Medical

Event Medical

Event medical services are wide-ranging and can cover EMT for smaller private events to complex EMS deployments; including sporting and corporate events to festivals and concerts. Resources that are extended for such occasions span from stand-by air or ground ambulances to medical carts and from response teams on-foot to a centralized control station. Regardless of the nature of the services, event first aid provision to medical transportation; the event medical services can be divided into the following three phases:  

Before the event

In the preparation phase, the event medical services team coordinates with the event management team to create an Event Action Plan (EAP). A plan is finalized in conjunction with the venue staff and emergency agencies such as the fire department.

During the event

An organized team with all the resources that were identified in the first phase arrives in uniforms at the venue to set up medical posts. These staff members are experienced, professional and highly-trained, plus they are also personable and compassionate. Regardless of the issue, these members go beyond their duty to ensure efficient service is provided. It is ideal that these professionals receive customer service training and understand the importance of delivering a high level service.

If the event is taking place in a remote area and the risk of medical emergencies is high, then the team needs to be trained in that also. Moreover, since such emergencies may require immediate transportation to a medical facility, ideal air medical transport vehicles should be arranged.

For critically ill pediatric patients speed of transport is important. An optimal transport system would require the advantages of a coordinated system of ground and air facilities.

After the event

After the client’s event ends, the event medics team submits a comprehensive debrief of the medical services; a report on the emergencies encountered and how these were addressed. Summary reports for longer events are also maintained if necessary. A record of non-medical services provided is also produced that can help the client in their future event planning.

Event Medical offered by AirMed

With over two decades of experience, we strive to provide the best event medical services. AirMed offers unparalleled event medics and incident management services. We have a sound team of professionals with years of experience facilitating various venues, franchises and brands. Our customizable event medics can be designed to meet very specific needs of different clients.


Our medical teams also hold board certifications in CFRN (Certified Flight Registered Nurse) or CCRN (Critical Care Registered Nurse) We are proud to have this as one of AirMed’s standards to provide the highest clinical care.