How to Determine the Cost of Air Ambulance

Posted on October 31, 2018

Steps for determining the cost of an air ambulance transport

Air ambulance is the most useful in emergency cases or where urgent medical intervention is required. Under these circumstances air ambulance transport cost is often the least of the worries. According to AAMS (The Association of Air Medical Services), almost 30% of the population in U.S relies on air ambulance transport to access urgent medical care. In locations where advanced medical care is not available it, becomes an impending need.

One-off air ambulance transport cost will be determined by a number of factors and more importantly your individual circumstances. Broadly, this would include the following:

Location of the patient and the distance to be covered Aircraft type and medical staff requirements Airport fee and ground ambulance cost.

It is always advisable to get yourself and your loved ones covered for medical emergencies that may warrant air ambulance transport. Paying a minimal membership fee for medical transport coverage can prove very helpful when an adversity of such a nature arises. At AirMed we provide a number of membership options covering air transport cost. You can choose one based on your budget and requirement.

There is only so much you can do in an emergency if you are not covered. However, when arranging air ambulance transport for non-emergency situations, the following steps would ensure you secure the best deal:

Find out what air ambulance companies are locally operating and based on the reviews, narrow down your search.

It is always good to examine the services being provided, particularly the type of service you require. Find out if they can manage emergency situations, or if they have the required medical equipment. It is also best to establish how facilitating the air ambulance company would be toward your loved ones when it comes to correspondence.

Once you have a quote, make sure it is all-inclusive and has no hidden costs like ground transportation service.

There are cases where Medicaid does cover the air ambulance cost, but more often than not it is not the case.

Why AirMed:

AirMed is one of the leading air ambulance transport companies in the world. With specialized medical care and bedside-to-bedside transportation, It has been providing unparalleled air ambulance services for over three decades now. A fully accredited medical air ambulance transport services provider; it is a preferred choice for many across the globe, including the U.S Department of Defense. AirMed boasts a highly dedicated, skilled and experienced staff; whereby offering fully customized and configured air medical transport jets.