Medical Transportation in Natural Disasters

Posted on October 01, 2018

During times of natural disasters; rescue missions (especially where access by road is a problem) are best supported by the speed and reliability offered by air medical transport. Even with the introduction of advanced warning tools, preparations to handle natural disasters have never been sufficient. It is because people are often too naive to accept that natural disasters can happen to them, whereby they choose not to take precautionary measures. It is therefore important to understand that lack of basic preparation can lead to serious injuries or even death in some cases. When looking for the best medical flight for your medical emergency, ensure that the provider has the following procedures in place:  

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7 Major Tips for Bariatric Patient Air Transport

Posted on September 29, 2018

One third of the US population is affected by obesity. It is characterized as excess of body fat or 100 pounds over ideal body weight. Transporting bariatric patients can be very challenging for air medical transportation team if they do not have the required training, experience or understanding of the special needs of bariatric obese patients. Bariatric patient transport has to be preplanned, with special arrangements to be made for scene management, dispatching procedures and receiving hospital arrangement.  

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