An Ultimate Guide to Commercial Medical Escorts

Posted on March 04, 2019

A commercial medical escort is helpful when you have to frequently travel for medical treatments and is a more affordable option when compared to air medical transport. The commercial medical escort service is not only therefore restricted to patients who are hospitalized or are in a critical condition but for those also who need assistance with travel, boarding, transfers between airlines, getting to and from the airports and need a secure way to go about it. This is when a commercial medical escort service is the most effective, here is how they can help:

Skilled Companion:

From medical and emergency to personal requirements, a commercial medical escort will have the required expertise to provide full assistance during travel. He or she may accompany you throughout, ensuring your safety and comfort.

Expert Monitoring:

Commercial medical escorts are trained professionals who have expertise and experience to handle the entire in-flight medical care needs of the patient. If required, they can stabilize the patient’s condition with oxygen, medication or sedation and cardiac monitoring.

AirMed for your Commercial Medical Escort needs:

It becomes very stressful for the patient with a medical condition to travel or return home, making it equally stressful and complicated for their loved ones. AirMed offers to take that burden off your hands and ensure a safe journey for those in need of extra help.

We have years of experience in assisting patients with medical conditions deal with unfortunate turn of events or emergency. From looking after the logistics to complete medical evaluations and from coordinating with hospitals to family members, we take over the entire process, once the initial call has been made

After carefully looking at the needs of the patient we determine what type of care is needed and then we send a medical escort accordingly. We provide licensed professionals who can assist you at any given time and stage of the emergency situation. Professional-level care of the patients is available for both internationally or domestic travels. Our medical escort team comprises of registered and certified professionals with over five years of experience. They hold certification in Critical Care, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Flight Medical Transport. From assistance to medical intervention, to personal hygiene care needs of the patient and being compassionate, our commercial medical escorts are the companions you will need in traumatic times.

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