7 Things You Must Know About Air Medical Repatriation

Posted on February 27, 2018

Getting into a medical crisis is any expat’s worst nightmare and with no medical repatriation arrangements in place - managing it could be extraordinarily distressing. When you and your family are in your nation of origin, should anything repulsive happens, you have your care group, your family and companions, you recognize what to do, who to call, where to go, you know about the social insurance framework, there is no dialect or social obstruction.

All this may not be present when you travel or live abroad. From financial costs to safe medical transportation, there is a lot that the patient or their loved ones have to consider, hence why it is recommended that people travelling abroad should understand air medical repatriation to be prepared and avoid the worst outcome in the likelihood of something like this happening. Learn more here:


Understanding Air Medical Repatriation

Air medical repatriation is for travellers or expats who need to be transported back to their home country or to any other place where they can be treated in an appropriate environment, surrounded by friends and family.

At AirMed we guarantee consistent lines of correspondence amid evacuations and repatriations from the minute that first call is answered. From that point forward, there is a trusted process set up ensuring the patient gets the care that they require as fast as reasonably manageable.

Medical Repatriation Insurance Coverage

When acquiring an expat medical insurance plan, make sure that medical repatriation and medevac is covered, this will ensure that you get the appropriate treatment whenever needed. It is good to go through the policy yourself and check what services are covered and to what extent. You should ensure that medical evacuation is possible even if it is not an emergency but even when the medical facilities available are inadequate.

The most ideal approach to ensure you and your loved ones are covered against such an adversity is to opt for AirMed's membership plans, offering air medical repatriation 24/7 hours a day, all year round. We offer an array of packages that can be customized as per your needs.

Making Medical History Easily Accessible

Accessing medical records and history could be troublesome and time consuming, especially if needed urgently. For this reason it is best to have all the significant therapeutic records, rundown of medicines and your physician’s contact information in your email account. Besides, this makes recovery and exchange of data less demanding.

Accreditations of Your Medical Repatriation Service Provider

Checking accreditations of your air medical repatriation services provider is important in establishing whether you should avail their services or not. It ensures that the air medical services provider complies with the standards set forward by the accredited body. This accreditation is a seal of value for their medicinal air benefits and demonstrates trust and constancy.

AirMed is fully accredited by CAMTS, a non-profit organization committed to enhancing the nature of medical care and air medical transport administrations.

Medical Repatriation Mode of Transportation

A solid air medical repatriation company will make the best possible arrangement for the patient depending on their needs. There are a few key factors that a flight paramedic will consider when deciding the correct mode of transportation for the patient including distance that has to be covered, patient's restorative condition, time limitations and so on.

At AirMed, our number one priority if to securely transport the patient to the closest or favored medical facility. Our 24 hour a day on-duty staff, after learning about the patient’s health, arranges for top of the line medicinal transportation, equipped with the right medical facilities and flight paramedic team experienced in long-distance travel to assist the patient.

Services Offered By Your Medical Repatriation Services Provider

There are different other interlinked medical repatriation services, get a better overview by getting in touch with your medical repatriation services provider.

At AirMed, we have a group of mediators who can speak different languages and coordinate with doctors/hospitals around the world to get information about a patient and make the necessary arrangements. AirMed's team can even fly down to carry out an evaluation of the patient’s condition to determine if they can be transported. The loved ones are constantly updated about the patient’s condition as and when our on-ground team receives any information. Furthermore, where required we arrange for specialists, physicians and hospitals as well.

Accompanying patient and the luggage allowed

It is also advisable to check how many of your family members are covered under medical repatriation and in case of an air medical repatriation how many can accompany you. Also, the amount of luggage you will be allowed to carry.

If you have any doubts about medical repatriation, kindly contact us now. Anything can happen to anyone, so learn today and be prepared for tomorrow!