5 Ways to Make Medevac Completely Stress Free

Posted on February 26, 2018

In case of a medical emergency, the patient and their family members may have to face a number of challenges - especially if they are in a foreign land. From visa issues to language barriers, there is a plethora of elements that may not work in your favor. To avoid a lot of stress and streamline things, consider the following tips next time you plan a trip:


Keep Your Medical Records and List of Prescriptions Handy

In case of an emergency medevac, accessing medical documents could be difficult, especially if they are stored somewhere not so close. For this purpose it is best to have all the relevant medical records, list of prescriptions and your local physician’s contact information in your email account. Furthermore, this makes retrieval and transfer of information easier as oppose to carrying medical records in print.

Make Sure Medevac is covered by Your Travel or Health Insurance Plan

Before getting health or travel insurance plan, go through the policies and make sure that the medical evacuation services listed covers most of your needs. Especially if your health puts you at a greater risk of availing medevac benefits, then you must.

Do Some Research and Planning

This would require you to visit your physician in advance of your trip in order to find out what you must avoid, any changes in medications or any other precautions against illnesses in the country that you will be visiting. Before visiting your physician check for any travel threats and local hospitals at your destination. Also, you may want to carry your prescriptions with you as many countries have strict medical laws.

Understand Air Medical Evacuation Services

The primary goal of bed to bed air medical evacuation services is to get the patient safely from A to B. The patient is accompanied by medical professionals and the aircraft is equipped with ICU facilities, lifeport stretcher that houses oxygen succussion, ventilator and medication. There are various other interlinked medical evacuation services and in order to get a better idea get in touch with your air medical evacuation services provider today.

At AirMed we have a team of interpreters who can speak various languages and are trained to coordinate with hospitals to get information and make the necessary arrangements. Prior to medevac, Air Med’s team can speak to the physicians, surgeons and even fly down to carry out an assessment of the patient. The team works in collision with the families of the patients, help with paperwork and coordinate with the receiving hospitals and doctors. And where needed arrange for surgeons, doctors and hospitals too.

Most importantly - take Good Care of Yourself

Health is the most important thing in life and to avoid any of this, you should concentrate on fixing your body and mind. Emergencies can still happen but if you are taking medication or have been asked by your physician to avoid certain things, then it is best you adhere to that. Best of luck!