Date: 05/2018
Purpose of this Consent: AirMed International, LLC (“AirMed”) wants its customers and members to be aware of the choices and control they have over their Personal Data (as the term is defined in the GDPR) processing. This Consent applies to individuals (1) who are transported to or from an EU Member State; (2) provide their personal data to AirMed while located within an EU Member State; or (3) when personal data is transferred from an EU Member State.  
Identity of Controller: AirMed is one of the leading air medical transport companies in the world, offering medical care and bedside-to-bedside transportation on a worldwide basis.  AirMed is headquartered at 950 22nd St. N, Suite 800, Birmingham, AL 35203 and may be reached at 1-800-356-2161. 
Data Processing: As more specifically detailed in AirMed’s Privacy Policy, AirMed may collect your personal and health information.  Processing of this Personal Data is necessary to provide patient care and the administration of such patient care.  AirMed may use a third party to assist in the administration of patient care.  This may include using third parties to the extent necessary to provide such services. 
Data Retention: As more specifically detailed in AirMed’s Data Retention Policy, AirMed has policies in place to store your Personal Data for a specific period of time. 
Withdrawal of Consent: You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.  Withdrawal of consent may have serious repercussions on AirMed’s ability to provide services on your behalf.  A withdrawal of consent will not retroactively invalidate any data processing that took place in connection with the original consent. Consent may be withdrawn by contacting the Privacy Officer at:

1001 Boardwalk Springs Place, Ste. 250
O’Fallon, MO 63368
(636) 695-5400

Transfer of Data: Personal data may be transferred to the US for processing and will be done so in accordance with US law.  For more information about the transfer of Personal Data, please refer to AirMed’s Privacy Policy.
Additional Rights: You have the right to access, correct, erase, object to, and restrict your Personal Data under certain circumstances.  For information about your additional rights, please refer to AirMed’s Privacy Policy.
By signing below you expressly agree you have read and understand your rights as set forth in this Consent. You further agree that you have received and understand AirMed’s Privacy Policy and Data Retention Policy.