Beechjet 400 Air Medical Transportation Aircraft Has a New Base in Cincinnati


AirMed International is excited to announce the opening of a new regional base in Cincinnati, OH, as this base will allow for an extension of our footprint and increased efficiencies to our partners in the Midwest. The repositioning of our Beechjet 400 aircraft took place on Monday, September 5th and the aircraft made its inaugural flight on September 7th. The aircraft will be based out of Signature Aviation at Lunken Airport and is available for both emergenc air medical transportation and organ procurement/recovery.

We continue to work on being the fastest way to recovery and believe that this new addition will improve response time to many of our partners in the Midwest region. The Beechjet 400 airframe is just one of our state-of-the-art air ambulance jets and is capable of delivering on AirMed’s commitment to provide an uncompromising standard of care while remaining the fastest way to recovery when you need it most.

For more information on the Beechjet 400, please visit Our Fleet