Because a trip to your doctor

isn't just a short ride from anywhere

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What is AirMed?

  • World Class Medical Transport and Comprehensive Medical Solutions

    Wherever you are and whatever the medical need, AirMed assures you receive seamless access to the highest level of care.


    • Provides access to worldwide medical and second opinion referrals, consultations and prescription assistance.
    • Operates a state-of-the-art logistics center on alert around the clock.
    • Supplies up-to-the-minute security advisories before you travel and safety assessments while you are away.
    • Arranges international legal referrals.
  • No co-pay, No deductible

    In the midst of an emergency, reliability and cost should be your last concern. AirMed provides access to unsurpassed quality of care without hidden fees.

    • We cover you at home and while traveling
    • No medical necessity or nearest appropriate facility clauses
    • Pre-Existing conditions accepted
    • There are no financial limitations, claim forms or out of pocket expenses
    • Travel Insurance focuses on trip cancellation and lost luggage. AirMed focuses on taking care of you
  • Member Benefits

    Whichever plan you choose, AirMed is more than just a membership. We are your advocate every day of the year.

    • Worldwide medical jet transportation, bedside to bedside, to the hospital of choice
    • 24/7 Logistics Center for worldwide medical and second opinion referrals, consultations, and prescription assistance
    • Foreign travel advisories and threat assessments
    • Transport of mortal remains
    • Legal referrals and emergency message relay
    • All of this and more at no additional cost

    At AirMed, we save lives, not luggage.

AirMed Medical Transportation

Saves Lives!

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