Our Fleet Capabilities

Rivaling patient care in some of the finest hospitals, AirMed medical jets are equipped for virtually every critical care scenario. And unlike travel insurance or other medical evacuation membership programs, we have our own fleet so we can guarantee a quality medical flight and exceptional care across the board. AirMed invests heavily in the planes it purchases. In fact, the average price of our planes is $9 million. After the purchase, we spend anywhere from 60 – 90 days permanently configuring it as a state-of-the-art flying intensive care unit.

As an FAA-certified Air Carrier with worldwide operating authority, our flight department consists of Part 135 ATP Certified flight crew that are simulator trained annually and are type-specific rated. Maintenance professionals are required to release long-range aircraft for each flight and accept the aircraft upon return.

Birmingham, Alabama Fleet

Birmingham, Alabama

From our Birmingham base, AirMed provides worldwide service to our customers utilizing two Raytheon Hawker 800 air ambulance aircraft. In addition to the standard gaseous oxygen systems used in most medical jet aircraft, these long-range aircraft are also equipped with a liquid oxygen system allowing longer transport of ventilator-dependent patients without the need to replenish on-board oxygen supply.

San Antonio, Texas Fleet

San Antonio, Texas

Our newest base in San Antonio, TX safely delivers both emergent and non-emergent transport services to patients across the U.S., Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. In addition our fleet of King Air and Diamond Jet aircraft provide 24/7 services as a trusted partner too many of the major hospital based systems in the region to accommodate their needs for organ procurement missions. We are a member of the Texas Association of Air Medical Services and pride ourselves on being one of the largest providers of fixed-wing services in the state of Texas.


Fleet Range Map

AirMed has been chosen as fixed-wing air medical transportation for the top hospitals in the country, including the world-renowned Mayo Clinic. We are a contracted air carrier for the U.S. Department of Defense and have flown U.S. Presidents and countless heads of state. AirMed is equipped for virtually every critical care scenario, regardless of your age or where you are in the world. Your safety means the world to us. We are proud to have the finest medical staff, the largest fleet and complete vertical integration. AirMed is the most experienced and respected air medical program in the sky, having flown more missions to more cities and countries than anyone in the industry.

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