AirMed's Air Ambulance Fleet Just Got Better

Posted on September 27, 2016

AirMed International has proven once again why they are the best air ambulance service provider with the recent upgrade to their Hawker 800. For the last few weeks, one of our photo favorite medical flight jets (the Hawker 800 or N811AM) has gotten a small makeover with the new Type 2 Flight Data Recorder installed.

Airmed's updated air ambulance fleet includes the N811AM

This new data recorder in N811AM complies with European Airspace requirements: In other words, the ability to fly emergency medical flight missions in Europe as needed. These types of upgrades and maintenance checks are just another little cog in the wheel that helps to keep our jets ready for anything.

The new Type 2 Flight Data Recorder holds a data analysis record of sixteen parameters of the aircraft like flight speed, time, altitude, etc. Additionally, it gives AirMed yet another edge in the continual pursuit of advanced medical care and aircraft safety throughout the world. Global coverage requires maintaining certain accreditations and requirements by the EASA, European Aviation Safety Agency. This data recorder is necessary due to the weight of N811AM and this upgrade meets all regulatory requirements to keep our fleet flying in Europe while allowing AirMed International to continue to serve our members worldwide.

After 2017, no aircraft over the specified weight limit will be allowed to fly in Europe without this accreditation. For AirMed members, this means that in the unfortunate event that an emergency medical evacuation is required, AirMed is able to provide the most reliable, efficient, and uncompromised standard of care in the industry. Here, at AirMed International, we will do everything we can to ensure the safety of our members and patients, from ensuring that our fleet meets the proper requirements to operate seamlessly throughout the world to conducting daily safety checks, AirMed International is the fastest way to recovery.