5 Steps for Choosing Event Medical Service

Posted on October 21, 2019

Adequate medical services during an event or large gathering is a necessity and any organised event is likely to have event medics covered. Regardless of the size of the event, medical coverage ensures necessary event medical services are available when required. It is any event organiser’s moral duty to not only have safety precautions but also event first aid in place. In that regard, the following steps will help you choose the right event medical services:

Reliable service provider

An event medical services provider with experience and a good track record would ensure the medical stations are run in a professional manner. Not only that but for the entire partnership to run smoothly and effectively, no compromise should be made when it comes to the credibility of the event medical services provider. Accreditations from credible institutes is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that. CAMTS accreditation, among others serves as proof of quality of services and therefore should be taken into account.

Staff requirements

Evaluation of appropriate staff requirements in accordance with the guidelines set for customer and visitor safety is essential. From EMTs to advanced paramedics and from nurses to doctors, every event would require a unique team. This will help establish if the event medical service provider has the experienced, trained professionals that can provide patients with the most appropriate treatment.

Logistics & medical equipment

Depending on your event medical services needs, the provider should have the capability to offer stand-by air or ground ambulances, medical carts and medical stations. Equipment required to provide basic to life sustaining care or stabilizing traumatic injuries should be available. The need for radio and mobile phones for the event medics team to communicate efficiently also cannot be ignored.

Support & availability

Support staff and admin of the event medical services provider should be accessible at all times. From negotiation to planning and information dispersion - smooth coordination is what ultimately derives success.

Post-event services

Once the event is over, the event medical services provider should have the capability to submit a comprehensive debrief of the medical services and summary of emergencies encountered

Why Choose AirMed

We at AirMed specialize in providing tailored event medical services. From planning and packaging medical coverage to post-event reporting, you can rely on us for a complete event medical solution. We offer full-fledged field hospitals including practitioners, pharmacy and air & ground logistic support. We have covered some of the largest events from festivals, sports events, exhibitions, conferences and concerts.