Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Air Medical Flight

Posted on November 21, 2017

Air medical flights have long been providing critical care patients the safest option to relocate over long distances, specifically when time is of essence. It’s the best option for people who live in remote areas and require immediate access to a medical facility. There are a dozens of reasons for why a person might need air medical flight services. People travelling to foreign countries sometimes need to be flown to their home country for treatment after meeting an accident or falling ill. Most of the times medical flights are needed because patients require medical repatriation due to the non-availability of medical or rehab facilities in the country they are in while other times patients might need to be rushed to a specialized medical facility in another city.

According to AAMS, in U.S alone, around 30% population relies on air medical flights for access to specialized medical care within the first minute of an incident. Generally when anyone requires air medical flight services, they turn to the internet to search for the best air medical flights and usually end up becoming overwhelmed with the searches, not knowing who to call.


Search for the Best Air Medical Flights with Accreditation

Not all air medical flights are created equal but there are certain things that can help you in locating the best air medical flights. For starters, the patient or their family should opt for an accredited air medical flight service. Accreditation of an air medical provider indicates the efficiency and quality of service the company offers and only the best air medical flights provider will be fully accredited from the world recognized CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation for Medical Transport System). Air medical service providing companies have to undergo a series of meticulous reviews and inspections before they are granted full accreditation by CAMTS.

An accreditation from CAMTS is a seal of quality for an air medical flights provider. When an air medical company is accredited from CAMTS, it ensures their high safety standards and compliance with the accreditation standards set forth by the agency. At AirMed international, we are proud to be fully accredited by CAMTS and also enjoy certifications from EURAMI, FAA, NAACS and the U.S Department of Defense.


How do the Air Medical Flights work?

The best air medical flights will ensure the patient and their families have a hassle free time which is why they will arrange and coordinate everything. They will have a 24/7 mission response center which will be staffed with highly skilled professionals who have access to medical specialists and consultant physicians so when a patient or worried family member calls, they would know exactly how to calm them down and take necessary details from them to arrange an air medical flight.

From arranging airline tickets to providing ground transportation at both the current location of the patient as well as at the destination, medical clearance and fly-to-fly status verification, only the best air medical flights company will offer such an extensive list of patient care services. Patients who require critical care will also be offered commercial medical escorts for their travel along with bedside-to-bedside services. Best air medical flights, like those by AirMed International, provide fully equipped and medically configured jets with mission essential equipment which includes ICU, ECG monitor, custom stretcher, transport ventilators, neonatal equipment and other necessary equipment required for in-flight critical patient care. Each of their medical flights will consist of a specialized crew which includes extensively trained medical of doctors and nurses as well as critical care medics to accompany the patient. Throughout the flight, the patient will be closely monitored and the receiving facility’s medical director will be set fly-to-fly status on his/her condition to ensure that they are completely prepared to receive the patient.


Why opt for only the Best Air Medical Flights Company?

When selecting between air medical flights, there are plenty of things to consider, most of which we have mentioned above. However there are a few other imperative things which you might also want to consider including the patient’s pre-existing medical conditions. While some companies consider pre-medical conditions and will require details in order to provide the best critical patient care, others will not do so. Furthermore, some medical flights do not provide in-flight healthcare professionals and will only have EMT or paramedics while still others will only have standard trained staff on the flight. Only by asking the right questions will you be able ease your nerves and find the right company you can trust yourself or your loved one with.

At AirMed, we understand that finding the best air medical flights can be a nerve wrecking experience which is why we ensure that we take care of the entire process for our patients from start to finish. To make matters easier, we also offer a wide array of AirMed Membership Plans which connect you and your loved ones to comprehensive medical solutions and coverage without the worry of insurance and medical flights costs. As an award winning and accredited air medical transport company, we pride ourselves in providing unparalleled medical care worldwide. To-date we have successfully completed over 18,000 total missions and counting, offering seamless services 24/7/365.

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