An Air Ambulance Service That Doesn't Require You to be a Patient Patient

Posted on November 07, 2016

It can sometimes seem like an odd coincidence that the word patient has a dual meaning.



able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.


a person receiving or registered to receive medical treatment.

Everyone who has ever made a doctor’s appointment knows it can require patience to be a patient. After all, isn’t most of your time spent in a room they call the waiting room?

Most doctor visits go something like this: the receptionist hands you a clipboard and expects you to remember your entire family’s medical history — from your mother’s diabetes to your Uncle Gene’s scoliosis. You might spend the first ten minutes examining your handwriting, re-reading all the documents, debating the severity of your symptoms (who has the high cholesterol again, me or the dog?), checking WebMD, and then waiting as the names of the patients who arrived before you are called out.

It’s a familiar routine and an essential part of the visit. It can seem like a time consuming process, but in the end the amount of time it takes to make sure that each patient is receiving the highest possible quality health care is worth it. After all, we all deserve to see a doctor who isn’t trying to rush every patient in and out, because we all deserve the best possible health care, right?

Sometimes though, being a patient patient isn’t the always easy to achieve. For instance, if you’re travelling internationally and experience a medical emergency or crisis, you may require critical care immediately. In the most dire of situations you may even find that you require an emergency air ambulance or air medical transportation. At that point, being a patient patient is no longer an option.

That’s why AirMed International provides a fully-equipped ICU in the sky. With an AirMed membership, patients can be transported to their home hospital in as little as a few hours while receiving top-notch professional emergency medical care alongside the most advanced medical technology in flight. It’s the best possible care a person can receive without needing to tough it out in a waiting room while going through the steps of the patient patient routine.

In a world where patience is a virtue, AirMed remains the Fastest Way to Recovery. Travelling internationally for the upcoming holidays? Contact AirMed today to discuss how you can ensure you and your family have peace of mind as you travel knowing that you can recieve the care you need quickly if a medical emergency occurs while you’re travelling abroad.