7 Tips for Air Medical Transportation of Patients with Brain Injuries

Posted on March 20, 2018

Patients requiring brain injury air medical transportation should do so in a timely manner to avoid any casualties. According to a report published by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, In the US alone, every year 30% of deaths and permanent disabilities are caused by traumatic brain injuries. Therefore, it is imperative that they receive critical medical care within the first few hours. From young babies to adults, this can happen to anyone and in any remote area requiring medevac. In a situation like this, please ensure you understand the following:


Making arrangements based on the information provided

To make all the arrangements and build the flight plan, the air medical ambulance team needs pre-flight assessment data. The brain injury air medical team will require information regarding the patient's condition, medical records, demographics, type and severity of injury and the list of prescribed medication. It is important that you provide the air medical for brain injuries team with any information that you have, so that they can arrange for the relevant in-flight critical patient care.

Fully Equipped Aircrafts

Brain injury air medical can be complex and would require extensive in-built critical care units. At Airmed, we frequently transport and treat patients with brain injuries. Our fixed-wing medevac aircrafts, with both short and long range capabilities are equipped with critical care essentials for patients with brain injury including oxygen, monitors, ventilators, stretchers, neonatal equipment and medication. Our medically configured aircrafts fly at higher elevations for reduced turbulence and faster travel.

Continued Medical Care

Patients who have suffered brain injury or stroke need extensive care throughout, which is why it is imperative that they opt for a air medical transport company that specializes in bedside to bedside services and offers medical escorts.

At Airmed we provide complete bedside to bedside services and trained medical escorts ensuring that the journey is as smooth as possible.

Highly Trained And Experienced Staff

The patients are monitored throughout the flight by our nurses and paramedics. The oxygen vents are administered frequently and the necessary medications are given to the patient to make sure they are comfortable and resting.

The flight plan is built around the needs of the patient and the team ensures that the cabin is calm and quiet so that they are not disturbed. Patients are also provided with earplugs and music.

Our staff is trained in dealing with traumatic injury patients and help calm the patients who are confused and aggressive. Our flight paramedics show them self-soothing techniques too.

Provision of On Ground Services

Airmed’s 24/7 mission response center has access to physicians and specialists around the world and can provide assistance with arranging specialised care and commercial escorts for the patients. Not only that but our air medical for brain injuries staff can also help with medical clearance, hospital admissions, fly-to-fly status verification and ground transportation.

Members Accompanying The Patient

We understand that the patient and their loved ones go through extensive life changes as a result of such an incident and our experienced staff makes sure that they are all comfortable and calm.

Family members of the patient are allowed to accompany them on the flight. We understand that having a family member around puts the patient at ease which is why we frequently let a companion sit beside them throughout the flight.

Choosing Your Air Medical Service Provider

It is imperative that you look into the accreditations and the success rate of the missions carried out by your air ambulance service provider.

Airmed is an award winning air ambulance company, with over 25 years of experience in providing air medical transportation and critical in-flight care. We have effectively completed more than 18,000 missions including complex and critical cases. We are glad to be the top choice of U.S Department of Defense and numerous other reputable organisations. We have accreditations from CAMTS, EURAMI and confirmations from FAA and NAACS.

To learn more about air medical for brain injuries, contact us now!