7 Best Non-Medical Emergency Transportation Companies

Posted on March 28, 2018

The demand for non-emergency medical transportation has rapidly increased over the past few years, which has fueled the development of non-emergency transportation service companies offering customized packages, depending on the need. Non-emergency medical transportation involves movement of medically stable patients on a non-urgent basis. Predominantly moving patients from and to hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, clinics, nursing homes or patient’s own house. The more popular form of the two non-emergency medical transport, the air transport is being offered by the most reputable companies, with years of experience. If you want to make your pick, here is a list of the top ten non-emergency medical transportation service companies you should consider:


MedjetAssist comes highly recommended on the grounds that it offers great coverage and does not put cost restrains on its services. It gives patients the option to be transported to a hospital of their choice, even if the facilities being offered at the local hospital are adequate. It covers pre-existing conditions and has access to 250 air ambulances in 50 locations. Not posing such restrictions and providing top quality services has helped MedjetAssist gain a competitive edge over its competitors.

Global Rescue is a company that maintains its own security, intelligence, communication and medical services to monitor 195 countries. It provides services worldwide in partnership with John Hopkins Medicine. It allows the members to pick a facility of their choice. High cash limits make it ideal for non-emergency long distance medical transport. Also, if a member has to fly commercially with a medical escort, Global Rescue consider this an alternative and ensures that the necessary arrangements are in place.

Air Ambulance promises to take you to any US or Canada hospital you pick, without any medical necessity. It offers an extensive variety of plans that offer coverage for consumers that are valid in the US and across the globe; catering to patients aged 74 or below. Air Ambulance has maintained a reputation for delivering what it promises.

International SOS maintains a fleet of aircrafts, medical and security personnel offering quality medical and security services to individuals, families and corporations. Its overall scope makes it ideal for conducting medical transportation at a larger scale and also for travellers. Moreover, its worldwide network enables it to provide security and travel updates helpful for pre-travel arrangements.

SkyMed offers acute or non-acute care along with road ambulance transfers. It doesn’t own aircrafts but partners with other air carriers to provide air transportation to its members. It covers 32 countries, offering plans starting from $6 per day. It offers to send the members to the nearest hospital to their homes as opposed to just sending them to the nearest facility. With a long list of standard and optional features catering to the needs of travellers, this is definitely a good buy.

MASA Assist offers medical transportation through a membership program. The program helps avoid the staggering cost in an emergency, where members sign-up for free and just pay a yearly fee. MASA also offers ground ambulance and helicopter transfers. Ideal for individuals who are big on travelling within the locations covered in the USA; only platinum members can enjoy the services outside of the USA. With no claim constraints, no deductibles, no age limits and no health questions, MASA Assist makes for a good choice.

AirMed International is a trusted name for medical transportation services; catering to individuals, top hospitals around the globe and the US Department of Defense. From threat assessments to legal referrals and from prescription assistance to bedside to bedside, it offers a variety of services. It owns a fleet of aircrafts and ensures quality of service by employing its own dispatch and medical personnel. Members can benefit from the customizable plans it offers.

The list is not exhaustive and there are many other companies within the US, specializing in a series of services. Depending on the plans and services being offered, and most importantly the specific needs and constraints of the customer, they can pick a non-emergency medical transportation company that suits them the best.