How Medical Transport Membership Saves Lives

Posted on June 01, 2019

How does the process of medical transport membership plays an important role in life saving

As a traveler you do not know that if you will end up in a hospital while away from home. People end up spending a fortune to get home if they find themselves stranded in a remote location after falling ill or getting injured. Trips to medical appointments have also increased with the growth in medical care on an outpatient basis and an expanding number of individuals with chronic conditions. Patients with chronic conditions may need medical transport more than anyone else. By acquiring medical transport membership you can rest easy that you will be covered if the need arises. Moreover, when you find yourself in an emergency situation, it becomes very hard to think clearly. Having all the transport arrangements taken care of by someone reliable is therefore ideal. Furthermore, getting to the closest medical facility should not be the priority but to an institution that can meet your medical care needs.

AirMed has been providing air medical transport services for over two decades now. We are fully accredited CAMTS and EURAMI, certified by FAA and NAACS and are proud to be part of the United States Department of Defense Air Transport Program. As a 24/7 operational medical transport provider, we take pride in our efficient teams. Our medically equipped planes are utilized to provide medical transport services on both International and domestic level. Depending on your specific needs, you can choose from a variety of transport membership options that we offer. Regardless of the nature of the medical necessity, all our clients are given the attention they deserve. We also offer medical referrals, monitoring, phone interpretations and other related services. From corporate to personal, you can help us save lives by opting for our medical transport membership:

Personal Medical Emergencies

In case of an emergency or otherwise, to ensure that your transportation needs are met, it is imperative that you acquire transport membership. When you are met with an accident or injury, especially in a remote area; with our transport membership you can ensure protection.

Corporate Medical Emergencies

Companies located in remote areas or away from hospitals need to take measures for the safety of their employees. To ensure that rapid and efficient medical care for workplace accidents and injuries is available when needed, medical transport membership is essential.

Interhospital Transfer

Transfer facilities between hospitals for patients with urgent and specialized care play an important role when it comes to saving lives. AirMed members are provided interhospital patient transfer facilities on a priority basis.


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