7 Ways For Safe Air Medical Transport of Elderly Passengers

Posted on June 01, 2019

Safe air medical transport of elderly passengers is a growing need. Travelling has been on the rise globally, this, along with the increasing aged population has resulted in a significant increase in older passengers. Moreover, for elderly patients with medical complications, air travel is considered the safest mode of transportation. Below mentioned are some procedures that can be followed to ensure safe air medical transport of elderly passengers

  • It is important that the elderly patient carries with them their prescribed medication. If required these should be refrigerated. The elderly patient should carry with them a doctor’s certificate for any injectable medication.
  • Osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease or any other age-related disease, physical fragility or other condition can affect a patient’s mobility. In cases where the elderly patient suffers from limited mobility, wheelchair or other flight assistance for the elderly passenger needs to be arranged. It should be ensured that they can easily access the toilet.
  • The medical history and details of elderly patient’s health condition, along with a list of all the current medications need to be extracted and studied prior to the flight. Necessary preparations such as medications, oxygen supply and medical equipment should be made accordingly for elderly assistance.
  • The comfort of the elderly patient should be ensured, from keeping them hydrated to helping them overcome their anxiety.
  • Special dietary requirements of the elderly patient need to be considered and special meals prepared if need be.
  • The crew and pilot should be trained to handle adverse weather conditions. The team should also be trained in scenario-based usage of flight devices and simulators.
  • Conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia or depression can affect the elderly patient’s ability to comprehend and follow instructions. A family member could therefore be asked to accompany the patient in order to help them follow the instructions of the staff.

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