June 2016 > What’s important when choosing an air medical transport provider?

What’s important when choosing an air medical transport provider?

Posted on June 16, 2016

Factors such as cost, experience, and reliability may be among the first qualities that come to mind, but what really makes a medical flight service provider exceptional?

As one of the leading air medical transport companies in the world, AirMed International believes a key ingredient to success is the ability to provide customers with a seamless service experience through vertical integration. This translates to having everything in-house; aircraft, pilots, medical crews, operations, and dispatching.

Located at our headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, our operations center is able to quickly deploy our own fleet of fully customized, ICU-equipped aircraft for both domestic and international medical transport flights. Pilots and medical crews are direct employees of AirMed International and are presided over by our Director of Flight Operations and Director of Medical Operations, both of whom are located in our Birmingham headquarters, resulting in a synergy that is second to none. For the customer, this means that in the unfortunate event that a medical evacuation is required, AirMed is able to provide the most reliable, efficient, and uncompromised standard of care in the industry.

If you’re considering coverage for your travels, whether domestic or international, keep in mind that AirMed’s seamless experience is an essential element that sets us apart from other air medical transport companies. Our vertical integration further accentuates our mission to safely deliver the highest quality of air ambulance transportation and patient care services available through operational excellence, expertise and innovation with compassion, integrity, pride, and dedication.

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