A Guide to Finding Air Medical Flights

Posted on August 01, 2019

When the unexpected happens, you should ideally be in a state to reach out for help and book medical flights immediately. Finding the best air medical flights provider for your needs could take up some time and more so if you don't even know where to start. When considering air medical transport for evacuating people with fatal injuries or with critical needs, the decision becomes all the more difficult. From accreditions to the quality of support staff, a basic list of things that would need to arrive at a reasonable decision are listed below:

Accreditation & licensing:

When you start researching, the first thing to consider is the accreditations that air medical flights provider has. It is an indication of the quality of the service being offered and proof of compliance with standards set by these bodies. One of the best, gold standards and the hardest to get is the CAMTS accreditation. It stands for Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems and would help narrow down the search at the very initial stage.

Medical crew & support staff:

It is essential that the air medical flights provider has access to high level and certified medical teams, consisting of critical care medics and flight nurses. Depending on the patient’s condition, special emergency training needs have to be considered too. Credentials of supervisors and pilots, along with the accessibility of the support staff also play an important role. Especially for critical patients, dedicated case managers have to be assigned in order for the arrangements to be made smoothly.

Aircrafts & equipment:

The biggest and the best air medical flights providers have a good mix of airplanes that can cater to varying needs of patients. For instance, bigger and solid pressurized aircrafts, serve as a better option for long distance travel. Since the primary purpose of air medical flights is to meet the care needs while ensuring safe transport, the planes need to be medically configured to provide advanced medical care to patients on-board.

Why choose AirMed?

With a perfect safety record, AirMed has been offering air medical flights for the past two decades - providing unparalleled service and expand its reach. We are a FAA and CAMTS certified air medical flights provider with operations across the globe. Our flight crews are simulator trained on an annual basis, where all long-range pilots hold ATP ratings.

At Airmed, a case manager is assigned to you, who oversees the entire process, whereby offering assistance where needed. From the time the initial call is made, our team assumes the responsibility of making the necessary arrangements - allowing the patient and their loved ones to relax. Our medical configured airplanes function as any hospital ICU, enabling the medical team to handle any emergency. While on-board, our trained medical teams can effectively monitor the vitals, administer medicine and make the patient comfortable.

Our support staff is available around the clock to facilitate you, so reach out today for a better tomorrow!