6 Ways to Use 911 Emergency Effectively

Posted on August 30, 2019

Emergencies can happen at anytime, whether you are prepared or not and in times like these, the best and fastest way to get help is through 911 emergency services. An easy to remember number that can cater to any crime, fire or ambulance emergencies. Once a 911 emergency call is made, an operator (dispatcher) immediately connects you to the right person for your specific needs. However, in order to effectively utilize 911 emergency services, one must be aware of a few basic guidelines listed below:

Never disconnect a 911 call

911 emergency operators are trained to extract the most information in the shortest time and provide you with pre-arrival instructions to ensure your safety and stabilize the situation until the responders arrive. In case, you happen to call 911 emergency services by mistake, do not disconnect the call. Just stay on the line, and tell the operator, the call was made by accident. As otherwise they would have to call back to ensure there is no emergency or even send the police to check your address.

Answer all questions

When you contact 911 emergency services, try to stay calm as you communicate with the operator. It might be challenging, but it is important that you do and try your best to answer all questions accurately. Some questions might appear unnecessary but you should still answer them in order to get the right assistance without much delay.

Communicating the location

It is important to understand that the 911 emergency services call center answering your call may not be the center servicing your area, particularly when you are calling from a wireless phone. So it is important that you are ready to extend all important details of your location, emergency contact and other important details.

It is also essential that the emergency responders find your location quickly without confusion. Posting your address using something reflective so that your house is easier to detect is a good idea.

Using technology

Technological developments have enhanced the quality of life but if you are not properly educated on how to use devices in your personal life or work environment, summoning help during an emergency would become complicated. You should also learn how to register a personal/household profile with Smart911.

Teach your children how to use 911

It is imperative that you teach your children the significance of 911 emergency services and how to use it effectively. Children should also be taught to text, in case they may feel reluctant to talk to the 911 emergency professionals over the phone. Children should therefore at least have access to one phone at home. They should be taught how to communicate their address, name, parents' names and how important it is to answer all the questions and not hanging up without coming to a resolution. It would be good if the details are posted in a known place like on the fridge.

Never misuse 911

The most important takeaway is that you should realise, it is against the law to waste valuable time of 911 emergency operators by making prank calls and harassing them. So make sure all your household members are aware that any such repeated acts would be dealt with by law enforcement agencies.