How to Find Best Air Medical Flight for Patient

Posted on August 21, 2018

Air medical transport is one of the most vital wings of medical transportation, as it involves evacuating people with fatal injuries from remote areas and transporting patients with critical needs to life-saving facilities. Even though the condition of the plane is an important part, there are however other essentials like accreditations, paramedics, doctors, the crew and a few other important factors that determine the quality and suitability of an air transportation company. Best medical flight providers should fundamentally meet the following criteria:

Level of Customer Support:

Air medical transport companies should have experience in dealing with customers in stressful situations, where proper procedures need to be in place for a consistent service. Air medical transport providers ideally need to have a call centre operational around the clock. For critical patients, there should be dedicated case managers who can make the necessary arrangements for them.

Accreditation & Licencing:

Best medical flight providers usually have accreditations from world renowned bodies such as CAMTS (Commission on Accreditation for Medical Transport System). This indicates the quality and efficiency of service being provided, as air medical transport companies have to comply with a series of standards set by such bodies.

Medical & Flight Crew:

It is important that the air medical transport company employs their own medical team, consisting of critical care medics and flight nurses. These professionals should also have special emergency training like neonatal care and life support, along with aviation health care experience too. Every mission should be overseen by a superior and reviewed at the end. Also, the professionals like pilots should have the required training and experience, as this also affects a patient’s overall flight experience.

Aircrafts & Equipment:

Best transport providers usually have a wide array of aircrafts to match a patient's needs. For long distances, it is best to opt for large pressurized aircrafts, as these are bigger and more solid. Moreover, the planes should be medically configured to provide medical care to patients on-board.

Why choose AirMed?

AirMed has completed over 18,000 transports in over 150 countries, in the last three decades. The expertise and the dedication of the team has enabled it to deliver unparalleled service and expand its reach.

We own a fleet of medically configured planes, equipped for every critical care scenario. As an FAA-certified Air Carrier with worldwide operating authority, AirMed’s flight crews are simulator trained on an annual basis, where all long-range pilots hold ATP ratings.

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