4 Key Tips for Assisting Flight of Elderly Passengers

Posted on April 01, 2019

Flying can be really stressful for elderly passengers; requiring elderly assistance, especially if they need medical attention while travelling. This requires extra care to be exercised in order to make everything as convenient as possible. There are a number of ways in which elderly assistance can be extended, below are some of the key ones:

Medical escorts can be very useful in providing flight assistance for elderly passengers on a commercial or private aircraft. Our medical escorts are trained to effectively provide airport assistance for elderly. The qualified teams at AirMed know exactly how to maneuver through a busy airport. In cases, where the patient requires complete bedside-to-bedside elderly assistance, we even offer that.

The planes should be medically equipped and the elderly passenger should be placed near to that. Where a patient is in critical condition, it should have all the prerequisites of an ICU. Our aircrafts are not only fully medically equipped but we also ensure that our medical professionals are certified, with a minimum of five years working in an ICU. Plus, we have pilots with an average of 14,000 flight hours, who completely understand flight philosophy.

Elderly passengers may require special meals to be prepared and available for them. There could be some food intolerances or special medical dietary needs that may have to be taken into consideration. We ensure that this process is initiated at the time of the reservation.

Flight assistance for elderly passengers is not complete without equipped toilets. For elderly assistance, there is a need to have service bells, handrails and for the floors to be skid-free. Our planes have extended 60 inch toilets and curtains installed for enhanced elderly assistance.

Wheelchair services need to be available for elderly assistance, as they may not be able to sit for a long time or may need to be laying flat throughout the transfer.

Our elderly assistance program covers: Fixed-wing air ambulance service, Medical stretcher and Medical escort service. For more information about elderly assistance we offer, contact the experienced professionals at AirMed today. Our flight coordinators will guide through every process and resolve all your inquiries.