The Ultimate Guide to Critical Care Air Ambulance Services

Posted on April 26, 2018

When a patient is in need of critical care, we understand how crucial time management can be. Saving lives is our ultimate goal, hence why we take our critical care air medical services so seriously. The best thing about critical care air medical is that patients do not have to wait for road conditions to improve or traffic to clear out and deal with the stress of being in a remote area. We focus on getting patients from point A to B to all points on the map safely. Find below a concise guide to our air medical services:


Competent, accredited and superior quality critical care air medical services

Air Ambulance or Medivac services are fully accredited, ensuring that you get the quality services you deserve. We have over three decades of experience in critical care air ambulance services. Moreover, we have had the benefit to work with patients with various medical conditions from across all age groups.

Skilled, experienced and motivated critical care air medical staff

We provide critical care air ambulance services locally, as well as globally. The patients are transported via medically equipped aircrafts with a critical care team comprising of certified nurses and paramedics specializing in critical care air medical. Our air ambulance fleet consists of Part 135 ATP Certified flight crew that are simulator trained annually and are type-specific rated. Our staff does not just specialize in their area of expertise but also understand the importance of handling patients with care - both physically and emotionally. Our 24/7 support team is forever helpful in providing information and assisting the patient or their loved ones any time of the day.

Latest, high-tech and specialized technology

Patients who have suffered brain injury or stroke need extensive care throughout, which is why it is imperative that they opt for a air medical transport company that specializes in bedside to bedside services and offers medical escorts.

At Airmed we provide complete bedside to bedside services and trained medical escorts ensuring that the journey is as smooth as possible.

Highly Trained And Experienced Staff

Advanced, in-house and vast fleet of aircrafts are unto entities themselves with fully capable intensive care units. Our ICU/CCU team of specialists are trained to handle the latest on-flight medical equipment, including: cardiovascular monitors, IV pumps, transport ventilators, defibrillators, intra-aortic inflatable pumps (IABP), oxygen and immersion monitors, full size stretchers, baby pods, Neonate infant incubators and more.

Complete, competent and specialist bed-to-bed services

We offer complete bed-to-bedside services. The patient does not need to be in a basic care condition to avail this service. Our medicinally trained staff coordinates with your specialist to determine pre-requisites and necessities for your travel. Your loved ones accompanying you are also made comfortable on-flight. Our support team ensures that your family members are getting prompt on-flight updates.

The safety of our patients is our number one priority and every part of organisation work towards ensuring that. To learn more, visit our website or contact us today.