10 Useful Ways to Provide Air Medical Services to EDS Patients

Posted on April 26, 2018

At Airmed, we have years of experience in caring for and transporting patients with Ehlers Danlos syndrome. We understand that most cases of Ehlers Danlos syndrome are unique and therefore our certified team of physicians is encouraged to keep abreast with the latest developments. Read on to find out more about Ehlers Danlos air medical services provided by Airmed:


Make sure they are comfortable

We take extra measures to make Ehlers Danlos syndrome patients comfortable. From readjusting their bed foaming to helping them position themselves, our team provides continuous support to help ehlers danlos syndrome air medical patients relax.

Handle them with care

Ehlers Danlos syndrome can be fragile and sensitive to touch, therefore need to be handled with utmost care. Our experienced staff ensures that any procedure that is carried out does not at any cost bring the patient discomfort.


Be emotionally supportive

Especially in an emergency, it is hard for the patient and their loved ones to remain calm and emotionally stable. Our caring staff is fully aware of that and experienced in dealing with such situations.

Coordinate with the primary care provider

Prior to the flight, our Ehlers Danlos syndrome air medical team gets in touch with the patient’s physician to find out and make available all the necessary accommodations that need to be in place on-board. Any allergies and medical prerequisites are accounted for before charting out the schedule for the patient.

Extend family and care group support

Our 24/7 support team is constantly in touch with the crew on-board to get prompt updates about the patient’s condition and ever ready to pass the information on to the patient’s loved ones. Anyone accompanying the patient is taken care of and made comfortable throughout the flight.

Arrange for physicians and hospitals

Our team of translators can coordinate and arrange for physicians and hospitals for the patient across the globe. If a patient is in need of such a service, then our team would ensure that they get the best possible treatment.

Provide bed-to-bed service

We specialise in bed-to-bed services and in order to avail this service an Ehlers Danlos syndrome patient does not have to be in a basic care condition.

Offer the best aircrafts and medical crew

Patients are transported via our own medically equipped aircrafts that are flown at lower altitudes to avoid turbulence. The medical crew on-board is stationed based on the specifications of the case, so that the patient is provided with specialist care throughout.

Quality Ehlers Danlos syndrome air medical services guaranteed

Our services are fully accredited, ensuring consistency across services we provide. With over three decades of experience, we have successfully transported numerous Ehlers Danlos syndrome patients.

Availability of customizable plans

To ensure that you are covered incase a situation like should arise, you can opt for AirMed's membership plans. You can choose from an array of packages and customize them as per your needs.

To learn more or apply for membership, kindly get in touch with our team today and initiate the process for a timely service.