AirMed International Re-accredited By European Aeromedical Institute


AirMed International's global medical transport services are now re-accredited by the European Aeromedical Institute (EURAMI).

EURAMI's medical endorsements cover Adult Critical Care and Advanced Adult Critical Care and are valid until March 2019. The imprimatur also covers AirMed International's Hawker, Beechjet, and Learjet fleet of critical care medical transports.

"This latest affirmation of AirMed International's operations verifies our dedication and attention to detail in delivering the best possible outcomes for the patients we are privileged to transport around the globe," said AirMed President Denise Treadwell. "EURAMI's rigorous analysis recognizes both our medical expertise and our long range intercontinental flight capabilities."

EURAMI's strict standards encompass the company's business philosophy, legal compliance, financial strength, level of insurance, employee policies, management expertise, patient outcomes, marketing transparency, and working environment.

AirMed International's Fleet Re-accredited  By European Aeromedical Institute